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Hazardous materials storage - sumps

The safe storage of chemicals, such as oil products or other hazardous materials, has been very important for industry over many years. Chemical storage is now governed by strict regulations and our increasing environmental awareness. Our sumps are used for a wide range of spill containment products and equipment which play an essential part in hazardous material storage and environmental protection. DENIOS manufacture plastic sumps - made from environmentally friendly polyethylene, steel sumps - either painted blue or hot dip galvanized or stainless steel sumps. Our product range includes mobile sumps for easy transportation of chemicals, these are available with polyamide or anti-static wheels. If you need assistance or help in choosing the correct sump for your storage requirements, then e-mail or telephone 01952 811991.


A sump must be able to retain the content of 110% of the largest container stored or 25% of the volume stored, whichever is greater. Some water protection areas can require sumps to contain larger volumes ie. Agri chemicals require 185% of the largest container. Please check with the local authority to be sure.